Corporate Cleaning

Since first impressions are always important, a spotlessly clean environment will undoubtedly draw in a lot more customers for the company. It is also well known that a tidy workplace boosts employee productivity and reduces sick leave. We employ the most modern, ecologically safe, ergonomic cleaning tools and supplies. We can provide high-quality cleaning services while assisting you in fulfilling your business and environmental obligations thanks to our cleaning process. A well-kept and welcoming office space is essential for the workplace.

Cleaning before and after a project

services for carpets Including the extraction by injection

Dust off the surfaces of work areas, filing cabinets, workstations, chairs, and tables.

High-pressure jet washing in the restroom

Mop and sweep floors (stone restorations, granite, marble).

Clean the blinds and inside windows.

tidy foyer, entry, reception area, and stair

Clean and sanitize light switches, phone handsets, and doorknobs.

cleaning of panels, chairs, sofas, and upholstery

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